Want to Get Your Hands On Experimentals? | Generation Zero - How To guide



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#generationzero #generationzerogameplay #gaming How To Find Experimental Weapons In Generation Zero! Hope you all enjoyed, if you did be sure to smash that Like & Subscribe button for more Generation Zero content and if you wish to help support myself and the channel even further look no further than my Channel memberships! 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCXHMJ-3QSnyz9ok17Gfh8Qw/join Join Our Community Server! 🤍discord.gg/bwWyH5z4dF Want to get this game for yourself? 🤍store.steampowered.com/app/704270/Generation_Zero/ Be sure to check out the Generation Zero website to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates! 🤍generationzero.com/en Be sure to Follow me! Socials: TikTok: KilroyPlays Twitter: 🤍KilroyPlays Instagram: KilroyPlays Twitch: KilroyPlayz

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Want to Get Your Hands On Experimentals? | Generation Zero - How To guide
Want to Get Your Hands On Experimentals? | Generation Zero - How To guide
Want to Get Your Hands On Experimentals? | Generation Zero - How To guide
Want to Get Your Hands On Experimentals? | Generation Zero - How To guide
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Shin Yagami
2023-09-24 02:22:29

Idk if they increased the chances of experimental weapon drops or if I have been really lucky but I have 3 already & I wasn’t even farming for them 😂
Got the AG4 first from a firebird, the .50 cal sniper rifle from a rival harvester & just earlier today the “Kpisk” smg from an apocalypse tank.

john oconnor
2023-09-14 18:18:16

I have played this game since it came out

casey hayward foxington
2023-08-04 23:39:29

your slightly wrong about only rival and reaper droping exps..its pretty rare but i got 2 experimentals from base asult missions.. the 44magnus exp and the kvm 89 556 lmg exp.

2023-07-01 11:09:45

I joined a multiplayer game at level 4 and followed some level 25 plus players and they killed a rival and I got experimental rpg thung

2023-06-23 01:03:27

I'm already level 29 and still haven't drop any exp weapons until now, anything I'm missing?

2023-06-10 23:05:40

I should send you my video i got four experimental weapons back to back 😭 in one game

2023-06-01 18:14:24

Just to let you all know at times you can get lucky and get an experimental at a lower level close to around 19-20 is when i got my experimental shotgun but still I'm guessing it's wise to just farm when your at lvl 25 or higher

NmE- xChris
2023-05-31 21:12:07

My first rival at lvl 25 was an experimental weapon called 12g, i think i was lucky 2 mins ago

2023-04-10 12:43:16

I got the clothes but my first weapon was the smg not the hp5 but the other one. Was pretty happy but do want the 50 cal though

Hog rider
2023-04-10 11:14:29

Doesn’t actually have to be a rival! They have a rare drop on apocalypse class tanks/ harvesters

troy clookey
2023-04-09 12:51:32

Can this be done offline also?

Arturo Mares
2023-04-03 11:11:07

I'm lvl 15 and I got 2 experimental weapons by defeating reapers with friends

2023-03-27 23:35:27

You can actually get experimental armour prior to being level 25

2023-03-24 05:25:04

I play in v1.25 in offline mode I don't think rivals can spawn

Lorf Dorf
2023-02-28 23:08:18

The reaper can drop it at any level if you can kill it I think.

2023-02-15 01:35:06

God damn thank god finally my sniper

Grim Reefåh
2023-02-01 15:24:22

Does this video apply to new version of Generation Zero?? And thanks dude for the video it's actually helpful. I had no idea how to get experimental weapons. I've been getting all kinds of experimental clothing from rival hunters

2023-01-30 12:17:20

lol AI looks useless most of the time they just stand there and watch you!

2023-01-28 04:48:00

Thanks for the help.

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