The Next Update Is Bigger Than You Think..

Tenebris Infinite

Tenebris Infinite

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#GenerationZero #robots Join me in my fight against the machines in Generation Zero! Welcome to 1980’s Sweden. The local population has disappeared, and machines of unknown origin roam the streets. We'll explore this vast open world to unravel the mystery, perfect our fighting strategies, and prepare to strike back. We’ll be taking on these robots in an action packed adventure in one of the hardest FPS games to drop in 2019. Thank you for watching, here’s the links to buy the game yourself; STEAM-🤍 XBOX1-🤍🤍 PS4-🤍 Leave a like if you’re feeling generous! Sub if you’re extra awesome! Join this channel to get access to exclusive members streams, a super low priced $1 membership! 🤍🤍 oh look you found the robot dance party 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖 🤖└[∵┌]└[ ∵ ]┘[┐∵]┘🤖 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖 Other stuff; Follow my twitter here; 🤍 Generation zero’s website; 🤍

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The Next Update Is Bigger Than You Think..
The Next Update Is Bigger Than You Think..
The Next Update Is Bigger Than You Think..
The Next Update Is Bigger Than You Think..
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2023-06-19 13:55:59

Still Hoping for a Loot Finder system that can pin point areas with loot you filter for... Rquirement Usable all times and cost Efficient like using 200 Gasoline to pin point loot for 2 mins.

Joshua Beckstead
2023-06-04 02:41:14

Im still just so happy that I can actually play the damn game again

ATAC Stringer
2023-05-31 16:50:41

Here's something that we could desperately use in generation zero when you fight a group of enemy you have to hunt around searching for all the dead robots so you can loot them the whole time wondering if you've missed one that's hiding in a bush somewhere the solution to this is give the dead robots a glowing outline until you open their inventory

Tyler Tharpe
2023-05-29 19:02:47

Anyone have backstory for the locked bunker at 3438.179, -77.740 ? Feels like the emergency hatch on the hill is linked to it…

2023-05-23 23:02:10

Looks like the RC Tick hadn't been hinted at before this video came out -- it'll get us just a little bit closer to the pet hunter / runner so many of us have been begging for

The Godzilla Atomic Blast Productions
2023-05-23 19:39:14

Would love to have 3rd person mode this game aswell and have armour trucks on here.

2023-05-23 12:16:19

New experimental weapons as reward ?? Any other loot is null everything is easy to farm in gen zero

2023-05-23 10:48:55

Hopefully they reduce the crafting nerf(Not gonna hold my breath though). Thanks for all the GZ content I started this game about a week and a half ago.

Erick Colon
2023-05-23 09:44:21

My wife and I started playing GZ together for the first time this week and were pretty excited to see there is still updates added to the game. We're having alot of fun!

2023-05-23 04:18:45

They really need to put other players can ride your motorcycle so they can shoot too.

2023-05-23 04:16:25

I've not been hugely impressed with the bonus packs, what have we had, a dancing dog, a bow and arrow, a juke box? I buy them to support the devs and I have used the grenade launcher although I wouldn't miss it if they took it away, it's just fluff, we're waiting to move into the other islands or add more missions on the current land and I'm willing to financially support that in anticipation, I play the daily missions when I can or until I get bored, the game desperately needs new content hopefully the weekly missions will add some excitement but if it's just repetition, 7 base assaults with a pistol rather than just the one then it'll be another disappointment.

Luis Longoria
2023-05-23 04:01:05

OMG, I can't wait. It's every bit as good as Carni said it was! 😃

2023-05-23 02:03:33

I'm new here, is that The Reaper everyone keeps talking about?

Also thanks for summarizing the updates, there is a lot to this game I am catching up on, I love this game...

Santi Garu
2023-05-23 01:12:55

im hoping that my dad can fix or clean my generation zero disc or my Nana could by me a new one (its been about around two years since I got it)

Otis The
2023-05-22 23:44:45

Thanks Tenebris for providing the goods. Esp for this game since literal day 1. I've been on a hiatus for this game for a couple of years now and i'm getting back into it and enjoying the changes the devs have made.

2023-05-22 23:36:20

Medpack eating simulator. Knowing this studio, and how bad they treat things like COTW this update will be underwhelming and run dry in a week with all the missions being fetch quests and the equipment being second to just actually shooting the robot instead. 90% of the game is just farming mats to make more ammo and med kits. Was a great play for a week, but barring something insane (like new bots to shoot or more enjoyable ways of shooting them) I think I'm cooked on the game. Good content though!

Codex Jerry
2023-05-22 22:14:07

Nice guesses but you haven't guessed the addition that they are going to add in this update. People have been asking for it for ages and now the long awaited and beautiful drivable strv 103 tank functional with the ability to shot the cannon is going to be added

Cygnus X-1
2023-05-22 22:02:18

Honestly I'm all for the paid DLCs from Gen Zero. I've worked on Dev teams and I completely understand the amount of work that goes into a software support. Their DLCs aren't high priced and they need to keep bringing in money to support future efforts.

with that said, I personally just want more map/areas, more vehicle options, enemies and weapons. I'm not crazy about the gadgets. I'll get them and they're neat but I'm still a bit put off by the huge change to crafting they did a few updates ago. I'll buy the DLCs to support them but I'm not sure how much I'll like/dislike them, but I'm open to giving it a try!

Oscar Funez
2023-05-22 21:26:57

Uts a step in the right direction. I just hope the ps5 gets an upgrade. One major issue i always deal with is movement is choppy or slightly unresponsive. Which really hurts you when trying to avoid getting blasted. Though this is because i play fast paced shooters or tactical. Shooters that require precise and fast reflexes and awareness.
So when i play Gen Z. The game isnt ableb to quickly register what im inputing so i have to purposely be slow. Despite me trying to sprint, jump or quickly change directions to avoid attacks

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