Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight

Inside Edition

Inside Edition

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A plane passenger opened an airplane door during a flight to South Korea. A terrifying video captured passengers on board the plane being battered by the intense wind. Witnesses say the passenger was sitting next to the emergency door when he suddenly removed a plastic cover and pulled a lever. That's when the door slid open. The plane was 600 feet off the ground and was minutes away from landing in South Korea when it happened. Inside Edition's Les Trent has more.

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Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight
Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight
Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight
Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Door During Flight
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Hrvoje Koši
2023-09-13 21:20:33

It was Schwarzy (John)

Ondo 28
2023-09-04 03:31:00

To clarify some misinformation, the man in the red pants was not the one who opened the door, it was the person on his left side which the video didn't capture

2023-08-30 17:10:31


Screen Apple
2023-08-28 19:07:48

w7ZbqwnAM3k&t=0m40s 0:40 old guys blue shirt is hilarious... " I'm getting too old for this. I feel the excitement. "
middle guy say I'm too young to die....

2023-08-28 09:15:04

As soon as the plane landed and the breaks slowed us down on the runway. I would've popped my seat belt and commenced to vigorously helping him out the door!!

Roscoe p Coltrane
2023-08-25 13:19:05

That’s attempted murder.

2023-08-22 00:42:48

It is there for an EMERGENCY ONLY!!! DUH! No Emergency Do Not open It ever!!!!!!! Blame the door not the IDIOT who opened it while the plane was in Normal Flight.

2023-08-18 12:02:50

So is the man arrested or did they just let him go?

Sopan McFadden
2023-08-14 10:41:35

Hope he goes to jail

Halie Long
2023-08-13 20:06:40

They must be getting cold

Present Tense
2023-08-13 03:30:18

Why isnt it possible? Its an emergency exit.

2023-08-12 20:33:59

Not one picture of the nut.

baul104 luigi Baul
2023-08-11 20:47:28

I'm pretty sure that not only he is charged for endangering flight passengers and nearly disrupting air flight service, but also placed him on the "no-fly" zone list, which permanently bans him from flying for the rest of his life, since he became a danger to himself and others.

Tim Spiker
2023-08-09 18:31:11

Sounds like something I'd do

12121 4321
2023-08-09 16:24:33

Maybe the fact it was a broken door.

sayittomyface idareyou
2023-08-04 23:46:05

My boi just wanted some fresh air is all.

Joseph K R II
2023-07-30 04:27:46

Sooooo, why was he trying to get off?

2023-07-26 04:52:43

The man in blue looks calm as hell holding his phone like it’s the norm before landing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 .

2023-07-26 00:34:50

Gee l can't wait to fly..

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