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Half-Life 2 Done Quicker - HL2 Speedrun in 40:49 - WR


A segmented speedrun of Half-Life 2, utilizing Source Pause Tool, completed in 40:49 by the SourceRuns Team, done in 506 segments on Easy difficulty. This run was done on an older version of Half-Life 2, more specifically, a build from 2006 that still ran on the original game engine (also known as the Old Engine), before being updated in 2010 to the OrangeBox engine. Old engine has significant movement differences, as well as a long list tricks and glitches now patched. The most notable are bunnyhopping and prop-flying. The tricks that allowed us to save the most time were triggerdelaying (also present in Half-Life 1) and our version of save-buffering. Both of these tricks are exclusive to this engine, and were discovered fairly recently (in 2014). It soon became apparent that using this version would allow us beat the game in a much shorter time than we've ever expected! BitRain made a good video where he explains clipping. Check it out here: 🤍 For more explanation videos, check out this playlist: 🤍 Get demos/saves/misc files here! 🤍 »»-¤-«« High quality video downloads: 🤍 Live commentary: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 »»-¤-«« 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Intro: 🤍 »»-¤-«« 00:00 Intro 00:30 Point Insertion 01:49 "A Red Letter Day" 02:27 Route Kanal 03:57 Water Hazard 09:10 Black Mesa East 12:57 "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" 14:34 Highway 17 15:54 Sandtraps 18:07 Nova Prospekt 18:45 Entanglement 25:07 Anticitizen One 27:03 "Follow Freeman!" 28:49 Our Benefactors 32:21 Dark Energy 37:57 The End »»-¤-«« Runners: Aimer BitRain Centaur1um Elgu executλble Fnzzy Heplooner Jukspa MGHA Matmo Mu OnTrigger Rama Sndrec32 Traderain WindedCone YaLTeR »»-¤-«« SourceRuns Wiki articles about the most used glitches in the run: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ..visit the wiki itself for more articles. Enjoy! 🤍 🤍



БОЛЬШОЕ ВСЕМ СПАСИБО ЗА ПОДДЕРЖКУ! Говоря каждый раз что с игрой покончено, я ухожу дальше на минуту от своего заявленного мирового рекорда =) Спасибо каждому за лайк и подписку и поддержку на стримах, как финансовую так и моральную. Я ценю это очень сильно. Поддержать Канал: 🤍 Категория в которой я раню: 🤍 Соцсети: Discord: 🤍 (Оповещения о стримах) VK: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

Half-Life 2 Developers React to 50 Minute Speedrun


Ride along with original Half-Life 2 devs Adrian Finol, Robin Walker, and David Speyrer as they laugh (and cry) while watching and reacting to speedrunner waezone's blistering fast run through the iconic Half-Life 2. Check out even more amazing Half-Life 2 speedruns here: 🤍 More from waezone here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 #ign #gaming #speedrun



Решил по приколу поранить без стрима. Итог? Новый мировой рекорд 29:14, еще 14 секунд до 28 минут. Я уже близко. Этот ран идеальный, но город я зафейлил жестко конечно) Поддержать Канал: 🤍 Категория в которой я раню: 🤍 Соцсети: Discord: 🤍 (Оповещения о стримах) VK: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

HL2 in 27:58! (Dwahmov Condensed)


Dwahmov is a speedrun of Half-Life 2, completed in 1:27:51.09 by the SourceRuns Team, done in 200 segments on hard difficulty. Full run and more details found here: 🤍 All credits go to original team at Sourceruns.org When watching this speedrun I found my soul squeamish from the lengthy boring cinemas, and waiting on NPCs, and after minutes of waiting for something to happen I found myself skipping ahead to see when gameplay would resume. So I put my video editing skills to the test to see what solution I could find.

Half-Life 2 in 42:46 - World Record Speedrun


42:46 Game Time 50:49 Real Time This is the main category of Half-Life 2, Any% NoVoidclip. It is exactly 360 days since my first run. I've really wanted to get it under a year, and I did manage to do that, which is nice. That being said, I'm not entirely happy with this run. My early game wasn't exactly good, middle game and late game carried. I'm satisfied though. Maybe Ill come back to lower this sometime in the future, but not now. 0:00 - Point Insertion 5:08 - "A Red Letter Day" 5:46 - Route Kanal 10:25 - Water Hazard 14:56 - Black Mesa East 21:21 - "We don't go to Ravenholm..." 23:17 - Highway 17 24:30 - Sandtraps 26:27 - Nova Prospekt 27:36 - Entaglement 34:07 - Anticitizen One 37:46 - "Follow Freeman!" 40:10 - Our Benefactors 45:15 - Dark Energy



Все ближе к 28 минутам, новый мировой рекорд в Half-Life 2 поставленный на моем стриме, стрим был сломан на главе Water Hazard, в этот момент мой интернет решил выключится, но я продолжил свой ран. В конце не было у меня никакой реакции, была реакция внутри меня, что я поставил время меньше чем 29:40 ;)) Поддержать Канал: 🤍 Категория в которой я раню: 🤍 Соцсети: Discord: 🤍 (Оповещения о стримах) VK: 🤍 Steam: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍

Using Glitches and Tricks to Beat Half-Life 2


Teaching you the correct way to play Half Life 2

Самое быстрое прохождение Half-Life 2 [Разбор спидрана]


Обновление "Мастер копья" в LOST ARK: 🤍 Почти 16 лет назад вышло продолжение легендарной игры - Half-Life 2. И все это время спидранеры не оставляли попытки взломать ее содержимое, чтобы поставить самый невероятный мировой рекорд. В данном разборе спидрана я объясню из чего состоит самое быстрое прохождение Half-Life 2 и во всех подробностях поведаю о механиках, багах и ошибках движка Source. А так же, поведаю с каким рвением сообщество отыскивает новые способы сократить время, порой при помощи совершенно непричастных людей. This video is for educational purposes only, to explain how different speedruns work/Ролик создан в образовательных целях, чтобы объяснить как работают спидраны. Original video/Оригинальное видео: Any% No Voidclip by Maltemller - 🤍 Any% by Maltemller - 🤍 With Scripts by Maddavid123 - 🤍 Scriptless by iNSM - 🤍 История создания Bill’s Big Thrill - 🤍 Телеграм - 🤍 Дискорд - 🤍

Half-Life 2 with Half-Life 1 Movement Speedrun in 37:26.580


A segmented speedrun of the mod "Half-Life 2 with Half-Life 1 Movement" in 37:26.580 This is a modified version of Half-Life 2, developed by sndrec, which allows you to emulate similar movement mechanics from Half-Life 1; it is not to be considered "canonic" Half-Life 2. Completed in 718 segments (610 normal segments and 108 save/load buffering segments) on Easy difficulty, this speedrun was completed on March 16, 2020. Runners: qv2b 🤍 PegasDoggeAM 🤍 _Smiley 🤍 Tecna 🤍 Munted 🤍 raintnt 🤍 ExtraVirus 🤍 Corkysek 🤍 Commentary video: 🤍 Download the mod: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 Demos/Saves: 🤍 Enjoy! 🤍 🤍

Half-Life 2 by waezone in 59:34 SGDQ2019


Runner introduction starts at 00:03 Second Runner introduction starts at 1:57 Run starts at 03:04 Couch commentary is provided by Alexh0w, K80May, Nichow and rock48 French Toast is host. This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2019, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2019, find us at: 🤍 Looking for live updates? Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍

Half-Life 2 Speedrun In 43:02 [Old World Record]


43:02 Game Time 49:46 Real Time Start till last map of Highway 17 was literally almost god tier. Barely any time save there and I was -40 seconds which is insane. I managed right after to lose a lot of time in coast, and even more in c17, which made it so I did not get sub 43 sadly. I am so happy the way I saved the run with my smg nade boost in Citadel 02, it was amazing. Overall it was a good run, apart from mid coast and early prison. Watch live at 🤍 Point Insertion (0:00​) Red Letter Day (4:55) Route Kanal (5:24​) Water Hazard (9:42) Black Mesa East (13:59) "We Don't Go To Ravenholm..." (20:49​) Highway 17 (22:48) Sandtraps (24:10​) Nova Prospekt (26:27​) Entanglement (27:40​) Anticitizen One (34:04) "Follow Freeman!" (37:23) Our Benefactors (39:55) Dark Energy (44:33​) Celebration (49:50)

Half-Life 2 fun% w/ HL1 movement in 32:49


🤍 My current PB for this category, will probabvly stand for a while.

Half-Life 2 with HL1 Movement Speedrun in 23:10


Сегментированный спидран модифицированной Half-Life 2 с HL1 Movement за 23:10.910 в исполнении Prolert и nexx- Ран был начат 19.02.2021 и закончен 09.03.2021 в 500 сегментов на Легкой сложности. Раннеры: Prolert 🤍 nexx- 🤍 Большое спасибо за помощь этим ребятам: _Smiley - 🤍 jorikgrozniy - 🤍 Если хотите спидранить этот мод, то вот ссылка на скачивание: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 Главы: 0:00 - Intro 1:01 - Point Insertion 1:53 - "A Red Letter Day" 2:25 - Route Kanal 4:29 - Water Hazard 8:02 - Black Mesa East 8:26 - "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" 9:38 - Highway 17 10:53 - Sandtraps 12:27 - Nova Prospekt 12:58 - Entanglement 13:49 - Anticitizen One 15:12 - "Follow Freeman!" 16:16 - Our Benefactors 18:53 - Dark Energy 25:16 - Outro Наслаждайтесь! VK: 🤍 Дискорд Сервер: 🤍

HL2 Lost Coast Speedrun 1.09 Minutes


Me first recorded speedrun in Half Life 2 : Lost Coast

Half-Life in 20:41


Presenting Half-Life 21. Starting back in the summer of 2010, the estimated time for this run was thought to be roughly 27 minutes. However, after almost four years of painstaking planning, theorycrafting and execution, we have arrived at our final time, smashing all of our wildest expectations. Not only do we owe this new world-record time to all the new tricks we've discovered, the new routes we've found and the new ways we've learned to manipulate the game. A lot of the improvement from the first estimation and the previous world record (29 minutes, 41 seconds) comes from the very hard work and countless hours put into perfecting each and every segment, no matter how short or trivial. This run has truly been an endurance test for everyone involved, and we're extremely happy to finally be able to share it with you. Enjoy, Half-Life in 20 minutes, 41 seconds! Technical details: * This run sets the new world record for a segmented speedrun of Half-Life on Hard difficulty with an improvement of 9 minutes. (29:41 » 20:41). * Runners, in order of total amount of segments: quadrazid, CRASH FORT, coolkid, pineapple, YaLTeR, Spider-Waffle, FELip. * The total amount of segments is 317, 249 of which are shorter than 5 seconds. * 107 saves/segments was made only to cause and abuse save glitches. 53 of those being at Nihilanth. * This run is heavily scripted using the in-game console, the most widely used scripts are jump spam, duck spam, 180º turn for gauss boost and precise use-key actions. * To use the better demo functionality and the support of higher FPS values in the Steam version, a mod have been made to restore the gameplay to the way it was before the anti-bhop patch back in 2001. The mod also features a lot of new HUD elements to aid speedrunning. Read more and download here: 🤍 Youtube 60 FPS: 🤍 Youtube slowmotion: 🤍 Live commentary by coolkid and quadrazid: 🤍 🤍 A time sheet explaining the run in great detail can be found by following this link: 🤍 Download 60 and 120 FPS high quality videos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 For slow connections you might want to use a torrent: 720p60 🤍 720p120 🤍 Last of all, we'd like to thank everyone who supported us during this run, and thank you for watching!

World Record Progression: Half Life 2 (New Engine)


🤍 🤍 Music List- 🤍 🤍 🤍 Special thanks to the Half_Life 2 speedrunning community for helping with this one, in particular: Centaurium chili n such deathwingua Gocnak S. Woobly Thanks to top Patreon supporters: Dennis Fjellborg Captain Big Pig Daniel Espina Conformist Tim Mike Rotella Chris Nuckols Kevin Hummert Benjamin Dweck youngmoneySWE Jordan Armstrong Marcin Zagrodzki DietCokePlus Daniel Oliver Andryszewski Luke Shillabeer Jake Hickman Malcom Hohler Morten Skaaning Bjornar Snoksrud William Tom Nelson Patrick Bailey Ian Cunningham Gerold Bohler Music credits- SHIN- The Door (🤍 🤍 (various tracks) 🤍 (various tracks) Frozen Star Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍 Current Leaderboard: 🤍

[SFM] Meet The SpeedRun Freeman!


Hope you enjoy this video! Models,maps,sounds come from Valve Games, Black Mesa, HL2:Smod, HL2:Update, Steam Workshop, SFMLab and Garrysmod.org. The Chinese version is here: 🤍

Half-Life 2 """""""""""""""""Speedrun"""""""""""""""""


that's a lot of quotation marks. songs used: 🤍 🤍 thumbnail done by Lark! want to watch the full uncut streams? here's a playlist of the VODs. 🤍 Want to get notified when I'm streaming? Follow my Twitch: 🤍 Or follow the grayfruitlive account on Twitter where I post every time I'm about to go live: 🤍 Full VOD channel(fruit salad): 🤍 Personal Twitter: 🤍 slightly more minimal editing style on this one: it took me forever to make because of the sheer amount of footage I was working with. by the time I got around to rendering it I had like 150 mb of space left on my C: drive.

Half-Life 2: Cutsceneless in 18:48


A speedrun of Half-Life 2 - Cutsceneless Mod (v2.2). This mod aims to remove as many cutscenes as possible while staying true to the original game. This run initially started in 2016 with an older version of the Cutsceneless mod, created by Toxijuice. In 2018, with the release of an updated version of Cutsceneless by Chili N' Such, the run was restarted, yet died the same year on d1_trainstation_06. In 2020, the new team decided to finish the run, with the final segment recorded on January 19th, 2023 and with a final time of 18:48.465! This run was completed in 1131 segments (618 demos and 513 save/load buffers) on Easy difficulty. This run was done without void clips. 00:00 Intro 00:57 Point Insertion 01:53 "A Red Letter Day" 02:28 Route Kanal 04:30 Water Hazard 06:23 Black Mesa East 06:38 "We Don't Go to Ravenholm..." 07:29 Highway 17 08:03 Sandtraps 08:52 Nova Prospekt 09:23 Entanglement 10:06 Anticitizen One 11:13 "Follow Freeman!" 12:10 Our Benefactors 14:24 Dark Energy 21:02 Outro Runners: PegasDoggeAM 🤍 MPy 🤍 peroquenariz 🤍 jorikgrozniy 🤍 _Smiley 🤍 Lyren 🤍 MaDD 🤍 ontrigger 🤍 deathwingua 🤍 Maltemller 🤍 waezone 🤍 Download the mod: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 Demos/Saves: 🤍 Enjoy! 🤍 🤍

Half-Life 2: Highway 17 - Speedrun - 1:15


A speedrun of the chapter "Highway 17" done in 6 segments. No scripts or cheats were used. This speedrun uses a glitch called Accelerated Back Hop (ABH). Some frames are always lost between segments. Completed in about 2 days. I could improve a few segments but this was only done for fun. I know...I didn't get the rocket launcher. Sorry. Recorded with Srcdemo2. Music Kelly Bailey - Half-Life 2 - Highway 17 Kelly Bailey - Half-Life 2 - Dark Energy

How speedrunners beat Half-Life in 26 minutes (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED - Scriptless)


Get an even higher BLACK FRIDAY deal using my link 🤍 or my discount code tomatoanus. 1-2➡️35% OFF; 3-4➡️39% OFF; 5+➡️44% OFF available until November 30th, 2023 (excl. Limited Editions and Lumino). Discount applies automatically at checkout. KaNanga’s Scriptless Personal Best: 🤍 Gameplay only version of this run: 🤍 KaNanga’s YouTube channel: 🤍KaNangaTV KaNanga’s Twitch channel: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Threads: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Shirts: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED Playlist: 🤍 SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED Thumbnails Folder: 🤍 SourceRuns website: 🤍 SourceRuns YouTube channel: 🤍SourceRuns In this installment of SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED, we go over how a top speedrunner for Half-Life (and former world record holder), KaNanga, beats the game in 26 minutes. This run is brutally fast paced, utilizing the litany of options you have with Goldsource Engine (the Source Engine's predecessor) movement, such as bunnyhopping, air strafing, jumpbugs, edgebugs, and much more. In addition to that, this run contains some sizable skips: some as simple as climbing and jumping a barrier, and some as wild as clipping through solid walls. #HalfLife #Speedrun #MorganFreeman

Half-Life 2 [Any% (No Voidclip)] by maltemller - #ESASummer22


This run was recorded live at ESA Summer 2022, which took place from July 23rd to 30th, 2022. The event is over, but you can still donate to Save the Children at 🤍 Half-Life 2 [Any% (No Voidclip)] by maltemller - #ESASummer22 maltemller 🤍 For more ESA events find us at 🤍 You can also find us at Twitter: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 #Speedrun #ESAMarathon #ESASummer22

Half-Life Speedrun in 26:17 [WORLD RECORD]


Music version: 🤍 Leaderboard link: 🤍 I stream my attempts here: 🤍 2 weeks of struggling to no avail, but then I started popping off...hardcore. Then came this run. The early game of this run up to Surface Tension's start, with the current strategies known, will not be beaten, I am calling it now. The lack of mistakes and good RNG is going to force me to use balanced splits from now on to not demotivate me while I continue my grind for the sub 26. This run is the definite proof of sub 26 being a reality. The late game has quite bad sections - Surface Tension, FAF sucked massively, meanwhile Gonarch cost me 12 seconds(god I love how missing a saveload by less than two tenths cost me that much time). However, I cumulated so much early game timesave and collected my LC+Xen timesaves it didn't matter for the sake of a new WR. I will continue. Timestamps: 0:00 Kisimov grindset acquired 0:39 Anomalous Materials 4:49 Unforeseen Consequences 6:02 Office Complex 7:00 "We've Got Hostiles!" 7:11 Blast Pit and Power Up 10:49 On a Rail 13:27 Apprehension 15:36 Residue Processing 16:56 Questionable Ethics 18:36 Surface Tension 21:33 "Forget About Freeman!" 22:17 Lambda Core 24:04 Xen 24:33 Gonarch's Lair 26:08 Interloper 27:04 Nihilanth 27:23 OPPPAAAAA

Using Glitches and Tricks to beat HL2 Episode 2


Teaching you the correct way to play Half Life 2: Episode 2. Also taking the gnome to the rocket for the Little Rocket Man achievement. Speedrun techniques are heavily used in this video. If you are allergic to speed then steer cleer m8. credit to speedrunning techniques goes to those speedrunners who get the world records like gocnak and quadrazid and others Life Is by Cosimo Fogg (201) 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 someone made a reddit thread: 🤍

HL2 Coast TAS in 1:23.49


Commentary: 🤍 31.965 seconds faster than Dwahmov.

Half-Life 2: DWaHMoV - Half-Life 2 Speedrun - 1:27:51


A speedrun of Half-Life 2, completed in 1:27:51.09 by the SourceRuns Team, done in 200 segments on Hard difficulty. After over 600 days of hard work, the SourceRuns Team is very happy to bring to you Half-Life 2 Done With a High Magnitude of Velocity. 00:00 Intro 01:02 Point Insertion 05:36 "A Red Letter Day" 13:24 Route Kanal 18:01 Water Hazard 25:45 Black Mesa East 37:42 "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" 41:46 Highway 17 42:33 Sandtraps 44:58 Nova Prospekt 46:33 Entanglement 1:07:08 Anticitizen One 1:13:17 "Follow Freeman!" 1:17:38 Our Benefactors 1:21:43 Dark Energy 1:27:49 The End Runners: Gocnak Matmo pruno z1mb0bw4y S. D4rw1N eXeC Darkevil UnrealCanine Inexistence Cameron:D OnTrigger YaLTeR TacticalToastStrike HQ (30 FPS) Torrent Link: 🤍 Direct Link: 🤍 IQ (60 FPS) Torrent Link: 🤍 Direct Link: 🤍 Mirror: 🤍 Audio Commentary available on track 2 of the HQ download, and also available here: 🤍 SourceRuns Wiki articles about the most used glitches in the run: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ..visit the wiki itself for more articles. The explanation video won't be coming. We apologize to those who were looking forward to it. Our timesheet: 🤍 Enjoy! 🤍 🤍

Half-Life speedrun in a nutshell


A quick look at how average half-life speedrunners play the game. ...This game makes them sweat! Sources: 🤍 🤍 T H I S I S N O T H A L F - L I F E M E M E

Разбор мировых рекордов по Half-Life 2.


Пока я делал видос парень обновил свой ВР значительно, будет повод посмотреть новый рекорд - вот ссылка на него 🤍 runner : twitch - 🤍 yt - 🤍 Сегментированый ран от SourceRuns - 🤍 Спасибо всем за просмотр и поддержку, полезные ссылки в разделе О КАНАЛЕ. Проверяем, залетаем. Watch live at 🤍

Half-Life 2 by Maltemller in 52:07 - AGDQ 2022 Online


Runner introduction starts at 0:22 Run starts at 2:04 feasel interviews Froob at 59:45 Prizes starts at 1:06:53 Commentary is provided by Waezone and Alliegator SaberaMesia is host This speedrun was recorded during Awesome Games Done Quick 2022, a week long charity speedrun marathon raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 is just one of the many charity marathons organized by Games Done Quick. For more information on Awesome Games Done Quick 2022, find us at: 🤍 Looking for live updates? Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍

Half-Life 2 Glitchless In 2:30:50 [Old World Record]


Only things that are allowed to use for glitchless is: Damage boost Gravity jump Wall strafe Bunnyhop (Without doing a circle strafe cuz that is ABH) DON'T DO THIS CATEGORY UNLESS YOU WANT TO FEEL REAL PAIN MENTALLY! Watch live at 🤍

10 Other ways to Speedrun Half-Life 2


I had to look at about 70 different runs to make this video. I watched them all the way through. It was unethical. Yeah this video is basically just the category extensions page. Arrest me about it. 00:00 Intro 00:40 Cutsceneless Half-Life 1 Movement Fun% 01:49 Single Segment 02:52 Softlock% 04:14 Backwards 04:53 Technically Not Cheating% 08:19 Jumpless 09:19 Glitchless 10:08 100% 12:23 Half-Life 2 Done Portal 13:18 Pacifist Runs in this video: Maltemller 40:42 - New Engine Any% 🤍 Prolert 31:56 - Cutsceneless Half-Life 1 Movement Fun% 🤍 Waezone 1:18:56 - Single Segment Any% 🤍 MPy 54.059 - Softlock% Single Segment New Engine 🤍 Table 42.280 - Softlock% Any% New Engine 🤍 VehicleRonald 38.480 - Softlock% Single Segment Half-Life 1 Movement 🤍 Owerfloww 30.180 - Softlock% Any% Old Engine 🤍 Mirskiy 2.040 - Softlock% Any% New Engine 🤍 IkerPineapple 0.001 - Softlock% Any% New Engine 🤍 Fleack 40:46 - Backwards Fun% 🤍 Maltemller 32:21 - Cutsceneless Fun% 🤍 Centaur1um 44:07 - TNC% Any% 🤍 Maddavid123 15:24 - TNC% Any% 🤍 _Smiley 23.100 - TNC% Any% 🤍 2838 16.335 - TNC% Any% 🤍 Eljest 2:28:12 - Jumpless 🤍 2838 2:12:27 - Glitchless Any% 🤍 LotsOfS 7:35:43 - 100% 🤍 ConnorAce 39:43 - Half-Life 2 Done Portal Any% 🤍 iNSM 43:04 - Old Engine With Scripts 🤍 SpectreChannel (no time) - Pacifist 🤍

Half-Life 2 Gravity-Gun Only speedrun in 49:34.215


Segmented speedrun of Half-Life 2 in 49:34.215 done in 542 segments on easy difficulty, using only the Gravity-Gun. Half-Life 2: Gravity-Gun Only was started by Traderain back on August 16, 2015 after it was suggested multiple times by the community. Initially it was a proof-of-concept run which everyone could join, but after a while it became popular enough that we decided to restart it and turn it into being essentially DWaHMoV 2.0 The best part of the run which attracted many runners, is that since we didn't have weapons, we had to use clever new strats and we could, for the first time, try out the newest discoveries in a new speedrun. Finally, Half-Life 2: Gravity-Gun Only was finished on May 27, 2018. »»-¤-«« High quality video downloads: 🤍 Live commentary: COMING SOON Timesheet: 🤍 Demos/saves/misc files coming soon! »»-¤-«« Runners, in order of appearance: • Rama: 🤍 • Maltemller: 🤍 • raintnt: 🤍 • deathwingua: 🤍 • Pashok11: 🤍 • Zeta: 🤍 • Corkysek: 🤍 • Ole: 🤍 • Mew: 🤍 • Kykystas: 🤍 • bl4nco: 🤍 • hoboken: 🤍 • Traderain: 🤍 Final Render Work: • stooh: 🤍 • Fnzzy: 🤍 »»-¤-«« 00:00 Intro 1:20 Point Insertion 2:24 "A Red Letter Day" 10:12 Route Kanal 12:59 Water Hazard 15:37 Black Mesa East 22:33 "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" 23:54 Highway 17 24:30 Sandtraps 25:34 Nova Prospekt 26:50 Entanglement 34:40 Anticitizen One 37:35 "Follow Freeman!" 40:11 Our Benefactors 43:43 Dark Energy 49:46 The End »»-¤-«« Old team (before restart): BitRain Dage4 Frantic Moo Ryzen Traderain Special thanks to: Valve Games Done Quick Max]I[muS-X Gocnak chili_n_such Jukspa for DemoSplicer Traderain for ListDemo/ListSave YaLTeR for SPT »»-¤-«« Enjoy! 🤍 🤍



A Half-Life 2 Singe Segment Speedrun done in 1:18:56. Single Segment means I'm not allowed to use saves or any strats the require saves as well as die, making going fast quite difficult, it took quite a few attempts to get one run but eventually got there. This run was done on the latest Steam version of Half-Life 2. I did this run to please the commenters that hate "save scumming" and took it upon myself to accept the challenge of doing a run without the use of saves, and on top of that, without dying also. This run is far from perfect and I might do some more attempts to improve the time. The fact that it's done without saves means I can't do some of the glitches used in the normal run such as save deletion, which is a required step to skip Red Letter Day, and also to skip the first bit with the airboat. Check out more attempts on my stream: 🤍

Half-Life: Done Enormously Warped - Speedrun in 6:26 - WR


A new world record speedrun of Half-Life, completed in 6:26.133 by the SourceRuns team, done on Hard difficulty in 1226 segments, utilizing the "save warp" glitch. On the 4th of May, 2016, only 3 days after the release of the Half-Life 2: Done Quicker speedrun, Rama discovered a new, game-breaking glitch known as "save warping". 3 months later, once the use of this glitch in real-time speedruns became more prominent, shar sought out to begin a new segmented speedrun of Half-Life, with the goal of beating the previous Half-Life world record of 20:41 by abusing the "save warp" glitch. The original time estimate clocked in at just below 20 minutes. In the project's infancy, the runner, "hlstuff", created some handy tools that simplified the routing process. This made the discovery of potential skips involving the save warp glitch much easier and faster. Shortly following, once the "wrong warp" glitch was discovered by Centaur1um, we quickly learned that the majority of the game could be skipped. Thanks to the hard work from those involved in the routing process, and hlstuff's "Save Warp Tool", we were able to bring the expected time down to a shocking 7 minutes. Our biggest obstacle was retaining morale and motivation, despite early expectations of how extreme this speedrun turn out. Due to segments requiring near-perfection for warps, or generally being very short, many runners/SourceRuns Members expected this run to be completely unwatchable, possibly even unenjoyable to the viewers. This run was made possible due to the dedication of those few runners who put in the massive amount of work and hours, progressing trivial warping sections of the run, to bring us to this final product. Despite everything, the project went inactive for 7 months once we reached the last map of Lambda Core (This was around June of 2017), which caused us to miss our 2017 deadline as listed on the trailer. However, despite all difficulties, and almost 2 years later, we have finally managed to finish the project and we are excite to finally show off our hard work! »»-¤-«« Technical details: This run was performed on a clean, unmodded Steam version of Half-Life using the latest build (6153) at the time of commencement (August, 2016) on default settings. This version has a 170% speed cap, meaning that if the player tries to jump with their velocity exceeding 544 ups (units per second), their speed resets back to 353 ups. To avoid the speed cap, we use a scripted ducktapping technique, instead of bunnyhopping with high velocity. This run heavily abuses the "save warp" glitch. A brief explanation is provided in the intro. For a more detailed explanation video, check out: 🤍 This run uses scripting via in-game console. The most common scripts are: Autojumping Ducktapping and Duckspam +use spam 180º turn script (for quick gauss boosting) Scripts providing warp chain execution For better segment recording functionality, autojumping and ducktapping scripts, additional HUD features and more accurate timing this run utilizes Bunnymod XT tool made by YaLTeR. More info: 🤍 »»-¤-«« Download the high quality 60 FPS and 120 FPS videos here: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 Temporary live commentary of the entire run can be found here: 🤍 »»-¤-«« Runners, in order of total amount of completed segments: shar - 1012 segments 🤍 🤍 🤍 d0t - 199 segments 🤍 🤍 🤍 nin_talal - 4 segments 🤍 🤍 🤍 ProtoAus - 3 segments 🤍 🤍 zeta - 3 segments 🤍 🤍 🤍 waezone - 2 segments 🤍 🤍 Maxam - 2 segments 🤍 🤍 qckdth - 1 segment 🤍 🤍 »»-¤-«« Enjoy! 🤍 🤍

"When the game knows you are speedrunning..."


"When the game knows you are speedrunning..." #highonlife #highonlifegame

Half-Life 2: cпидраннеры против патчей от Valve


• Комментарии и обсуждения — 🤍 • Ещё больше об играх — 🤍 Недавно Half-Life 2 внезапно обновилась, исправив несколько ошибок, которые находились в игре годами. Эти изменения вполне могут как-то упростить или, наоборот, усложнить жизнь спидраннерам. Пока в таблице лидеров не произошло кардинальных перестановок, мы разберём текущий рекорд, а точнее — сразу два рекорда: на новой версии Source, и на старой. Как открывали Big Bill's Thrill: 🤍 Спидраны Kykystas: 🤍 WR maddavid123: 🤍 WR Maltemller: 🤍 Момент с Save Deletion от HitHeiv: 🤍 • Игра на сайте — 🤍 * Расписание эфиров — 🤍 Все записи трансляций — 🤍 Игры на StopGame.ru — 🤍 Футболки от StopGame — 🤍 Мы ВКонтакте — 🤍 Мы в Steam — 🤍 Мы в Facebook — 🤍 Мы в Twitter — 🤍 Мы в Telegram — 🤍 Мы в Instagram — 🤍 Наши переводы и озвучки — 🤍 Прямые трансляции на YouTube — 🤍 Прямые трансляции на Twitch — 🤍

Half-Life 2 Done Backwards speedrun in 13:19.110


SourceRuns presents a segmented speedrun of the "Half-Life 2 Backwards" maps, developed by MishkaKolos, which allows anyone to play through the Half-Life 2 Campaign, but backwards! Completed in 13 minutes and 19 seconds by 12 runners in 982 segments (572 normal segments, 410 save/load buffering segments) over the course of 345 days using the Easy difficulty. Runners: qv2b: 🤍 raintnt: 🤍 jorikgrozniy: 🤍 PegasDoggeAM: 🤍 Prolert: 🤍 Lyren: 🤍 Iker Pineapple: 🤍 nexx-: 🤍 _Smiley: 🤍 Munted: 🤍 Fleack: 🤍 Maltemller: 🤍 Commentary Video: 🤍 Outtakes: 🤍 Timesheet: 🤍 Demos/Saves: 🤍 Download the mod: 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:27 Dark Energy 0:47 Our Benefactors 1:31 "Follow Freeman!" 2:33 Anticitizen One 4:14 Entanglement 4:49 Nova Prospekt 5:34 Sandtraps 6:23 Highway 17 7:03 "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" 8:25 Black Mesa East 8:56 Water Hazard 10:40 Route Kanal 12:26 "A Red Letter Day" 12:47 Point Insertion 13:34 Outro Enjoy! 🤍 🤍

Using Accelerated Backhopping to Beat GTA V


Teaching you the correct way to play GTA Download the bhop mod here: 🤍 ZHalfLife - HL2/CSGO Movement for GTA V and thanks for the thumbnail tribute mate

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