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Voyager 1 Just Made Another “Impossible” Discovery In Deep Space


Voyager 1 Just Made “Impossible” Discovery In Deep Space. NASA spearheaded the Voyagers because they believed it needed to be prioritized more. Eight years after Neil Armstrong made "that" step on the moon, NASA realized they needed to build on this. What new discoveries have Voyagers made? And why has it left scientists baffled? Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

James Webb Telescope Just Captured First Ever, Real Image Before Big Bang


The universe witnessed a stunning cosmic expansion before the Big Bang; doubling in size at least 80 times in a fraction of a second. Because of this tremendous inflation, the cosmos became barren and frigid. That's when the cosmos stopped growing in size and the vacuum energy transformed into matter and radiation, ushering in the Big Bang's era of intense heat and density, forging the elemental building blocks that would eventually coalesce into the galaxies and stars we see today. Now, for the first time, the James Webb Space Telescope has peered into the distant past of the universe, and we have made a discovery so unexpected that it presents challenges to our understanding of the cosmos. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager 2 Just Made “Impossible” Discovery after 46 Years in Space!


In 1965, the age of space exploration had just begun. Flandro was tasked with figuring out the most effective way to launch a space probe to Jupiter, or perhaps even out to Saturn, Uranus, or Neptune, while he was a part-time employee at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager 1 Has Made “Impossible” Discovery after 45 Years in Space!


Voyager 1 Has Made “Impossible” Discovery after 45 Years in Space! NASA's twin Voyager probes, which were launched in 1977, awed the world with historic journeys to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Both probes continue their trip into interstellar space 45 years later. Researchers, some of whom are more recent than the spacecraft, are currently using Voyager data to unravel mysteries within and beyond our solar system. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager 1 Just Made Contact With A MASSIVE Structure In Space!


Beholding the vastness of the universe is a truly awe-inspiring sight, capable of leaving any observer in wonder. While our home planet Earth is remarkable in its own right, it pales in comparison to the immense expanse of the cosmos. Thanks to technological advancements, humanity has been able to launch rockets and satellites into space, embarking on an unending quest to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Despite significant strides in our understanding, much of our knowledge about the cosmos remains speculative and conjectural. This is where space probes like Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 come into play, playing a crucial role in enhancing our comprehension of the cosmos. For copyright or business inquiries, contact: kayacem586🤍

Voyager Spacecraft’s Terrifying New Discovery In Space


Voyager Spacecraft’s Terrifying New Discovery In Space. The twin Voyager space probes first embarked about a month apart from each other on their historic interplanetary expedition in 1977. In 1989, only 5 days after the 12-year anniversary of its departure, Voyager 2 became the first—and, so far, the only—spacecraft to fly past the planet Neptune, which orbits at a frigid 2.7 billion miles from the Sun. Since then, Voyager 2 has only grown more and more distant, now leaving our solar system behind at a velocity of 34,000 miles per hour. In 2018, more than 41 years after its launch, Voyager 2 crossed the threshold between our solar system and interstellar space. Although there are no more planets for Voyager to explore, the probe continues its decades-long mission into the vast and unknown regions of the cosmos. What did Voyager discover along its journey? Which one is likely to reach the furthest into the universe? And what is that strange humming noise? Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

What If We Turned On Voyager 1’s Camera?


Get NordVPN’s 2 year plan + 4 months for free at 🤍 Voyager 1 has been in space for over 40 years making it the furthest man made object. Despite this, the Voyager 1 cameras were turned off in 1990 leaving Voyager 1 completely blind. But why were they turned off in the first place and what would Voyager see if they were turned back on? In this video I cover just that as we learn more about the Voyager 1 camera system and why Voyager 1 is Permanently blind. Please Note: Entry for the Primal Space Space Shuttle Lego Set Giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced in my upcoming video on November 24, 2022. Thank you to everyone who entered and good luck! If you enjoyed today's video, be sure to let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe so you can see more videos just like this one! References: 🤍 Support Primal Space by becoming a Patron! 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Short on time? No problem. Feel free to skip ahead in this video using the chapter links below. 00:00 What If We Turned On Voyager 1’s Camera? 01:25 What Kind of Camera is on Voyager 1? 05:02 How Does Voyager 1 Send Data to Earth? 06:06 Why Was The Voyager 1 Camera Turned Off? 07:02 How is Voyager 1 Powered? 07:52 What Would Voyager 1 See Now? Music used in this video: » Cold Blue - Aston » Double You - The Mini Vandals » Third Eyes - Bobby Renz » Sunset Trails - DJ Williams » Court and Page - Silent Partner Credits: Written and edited by Ewan Cunningham (🤍 Narrated by: Beau Stucki (🤍 #nasa #voyager #voyager1

Voyager Just Sent This TERRIFYING New Message Back To Earth!


Voyager Just Sent This TERRIFYING New Message Back To Earth! The Voyager One, NASA's farthest travelled spacecraft, is still traveling across undiscovered regions of the cosmos nearly 50 years after its launch. Scientists are baffled by the scary data that this famous space probe machine is sending back to Earth due to what appears to be a malfunction. Join us in todays episode. As we talk about the odd data that the Voyager has been transmitting back to Earth, during its so far space exploration journey. Scientists have been interested in learning more about the realms beyond since the Big Bang. Inspired by Something Terrible Happened To Voyager In Its Final Moments. What Did It Find? Inspired by NASA Is Ending Its Iconic Voyager Mission After 45 Years Inspired by Voyager 2 Sent Back Its Final Images From Space. What Did It Find? Inspired by Voyagers Spacecraft's Terrifying New Signals Unlike Anything Ever Seen Inspired by Voyager's Terrifying New Discovery SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry Disclaimer: This channel is made for entertainment purposes only. Videos based on Facts, fiction, rumors and news. ⚠️Copyright Disclaimers Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.”

8 MINUTES AGO: Voyager 1 Made Contact With Unknown Force In Deep Space


8 MINUTES AGO: Voyager 1 Made Contact With Unknown Force In Deep Space The Voyager twin spacecraft from NASA has turned into time capsules for their generation. They have an eight-track tape recorder for data storage and about 3 million times less memory than modern cell phones. They also transmit data at a rate that is about 38 000 times slower than a 5G internet connection. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space



The universe is a vast and awe-inspiring place, and although Earth is an incredible planet, it is just a tiny speck in the grand scheme of things. With the advancement of technology, humans have been able to launch rockets and satellites into space, leading to an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the mysteries of the universe. While we have a decent understanding of how the universe works, much of our information is based on conjecture and speculation. That's why space probes like Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 are so crucial to our comprehension of the cosmos. These probes are beaming back real-time data, shedding light on the farthest reaches of our solar system and interstellar space, which we may not be able to visit for many years to come. But what happens when this data includes a terrifying warning that changes everything we thought we knew about the universe? Join us as we delve into what Voyager has discovered so far and the unsettling message it has sent us about the future. For nearly half a century, the Voyager missions have been at the forefront of space exploration, providing invaluable insight into the mysteries of our solar system. It's hard to believe that these missions were not intended to last this long, given the wealth of information they have yielded. The story of how the Voyager program came to be is a fascinating one. It all began with a fortuitous discovery by Michael Minovich, who realized that a spacecraft could use the gravity of a planet to slingshot further into space. This led to the launch of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 in 1977, with the aim of studying Jupiter and Saturn. What followed was nothing short of a miracle. Both Voyagers are equipped with 3.7-meter radio dishes and 16 thrusters to adjust their orientation and direct their dishes towards Earth. Their engines use hydrazine fuel, and their electronic components are powered by plutonium-fueled thermoelectric generators. Both carry eleven scientific instruments, half of which were designed to study planets and have since been turned off. The Grand Tour of the four planets has now become a remarkable achievement in human exploration. voyager,voyager 1,voyager 2,voyager i,voyager ii,interstellar space,nasa,astrum,voyager 1 distance,how fast is the voyager space probe,voyager final images,voyager 1 location,nasa voyager 1 golden record,voyager 1 pictures,where is voyager 1,is voyager 1 still in contact,how far away is voyager 1,voyager 2 interstellar space,voyager mission,voyager spacecraft,nasa voyager,nasa voyager 1,edge of solar system,voyager discovery,voyager images

NASA's Voyager Mission: Remastered [4K]


Thank you for watching the story of these space probes. Patreon: 🤍 All works, images, and audio used with permission and/or in compliance with the proper license procedures. Brian Burns' YT channel and github: (where you can find the flyby sequences): 🤍 🤍 Ian Regan's flickr: 🤍 Ted Stryk's flickr: 🤍 The new logo was made by Timo Harju! His channel: 🤍 A full list of sources and data for all of my research and claims is made available to Patrons. Soundtracks: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault IMAX: Destiny in Space IMAX: Cosmic Voyage IMAX: Blue Planet IMAX: The Dream Is Alive Universe Sandbox 2 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Surviving Mars Everyday Cinematic Sounds 🤍 Kelvinsong's work and license: 🤍 Tomruen work and license: 🤍 Image of Venus through modern telescope credit: Raysastrophotography 🤍 🤍 Description of Voyager golden records: 🤍 Decoding of Voyager records side B in real time: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Deductions and Decisions 37:23 Decisions and Discoveries 1:51:36 Discoveries and Destiny

Where Are the Voyager Spacecraft Now?


It's been over 45 years since the Voyager spacecraft launched from Earth. Where are they now? Source: 🤍 You are welcome to support us so we can create more quality content: 🤍 WATCH MORE VIDEOS: Could We Bring Voyager 1 Back To Earth? 🤍 Join this channel to get access to the perks: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 TikTok ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Produced, directed, and edited by: Ardit Bicaj Narrated by: Russell Archey 🤍 Graphics: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab Universe Sandbox 2 NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio CSIRO/Alex Cherney Space Engine Stock footage: Music: Kabbalistic Village - Future Innovation A big thank you to our lovely channel members: Damon Reid Joseph Pacchetti john roberts Robbie Kabali Joe Matz - Cosmoknowledge brings news from space. We love you, explorers!

How Far Away is Voyager 1 after 45 Years? #space #spacefacts #universe


We are truly stuck here... // where you can find me // Instagram: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 // about // I am an Astrophysics student from Australia exploring science communication. I was never destined to be a scientist. And yet, through science communication on YouTube, my life was changed. Creators lit a spark of curiosity in me that I've never put out. Come along for the journey. It's going to be a long one.

Voyager Just Sent This TERRIFYING New Image Back To Earth We Haven't Seen!


NASA’s Voyager spacecraft are among the miracles of science and astronomy. They were initially built to last five years, but strangely, they're still traveling through space today. But then, recent pictures and data from these spacecraft show that there's still much we don't know. Some current data from the Voyagers are quite eerie and puzzling—nothing like astrologists used to know. Could this be new evidence of alien activity? Or is it that our universe is changing right before our very eyes? Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

An Unknown Force Made Contact With Voyager & Sent Back This Message


The Voyager twins are, in many respects, relics of their period. They each contain an eight-track tape recorder for storing data, 3 million times less memory than contemporary cellphones, and a data transmission rate that is around 40,000 times slower than a 5G internet connection. The Golden Record, which has greetings in 55 different languages, images of people and locations on Earth, and music ranging from Beethoven to Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," belongs to them both. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager-1 Spacecraft 🚀 | Intresting Facts About Voyager-1 | #shorts


Some Facts About Voyager-1 space craft My Gears Tab :- 🤍 Primary Mic :- 🤍 Secondary Mic :- 🤍 Mobile :- 🤍 Laptop :- 🤍 #shorts #youtubeshorts #shortvideo #ytshorts #shortsvideo

3 MINUTES AGO: Voyager JUST Made Contact With Unknown Object In Space


As Earth's first representatives to the outer planets, the twin Voyager spacecraft captivated the public's attention in the 1970s and 1980s by taking up-close pictures of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. On August 17, 1977, Voyager 2 was the first spacecraft to launch into orbit. Voyager 1 followed on September 5. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

NASA Warns That An Object In Space Has Started Sending Earth Radio Messages


In a world filled with mystery and wonder, the universe has once again captivated the attention of humanity. For decades, scientists have been scanning the universe for signs of extraterrestrial life, and finally, it seems like they may have found something truly extraordinary. NASA, the world's leading space agency, has just announced that a massive object in space has started sending radio messages to Earth. The implications of this discovery could change everything we know about our place in the universe. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager 2 ACCIDENTALLY Made Contact With Unknown Force In Space!


The American space program went through a transitional era in the 1970s. As the Apollo program came to an end, NASA was attempting to determine the future of manned spaceflight. The Mariner missions sent spacecraft past Mars, Venus, and Mercury as well as occasionally into their orbits, allowing us to learn more about the inner planets. There were unofficial plans to launch a Mariner mission to some of the outer planets, but doing so would require chemical rockets, which would take at least 15 years to develop. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Why Voyager -1 Camera is Turned off ? | Voyager - 1 spacecraft | @thefactive #shorts #voyager1


Why Voyager -1 Camera is Turned off ? | Voyager - 1 spacecraft | 🤍thefactive #shorts #voyager1 #voyager1camera #shortsviral

James Webb Telescope FINALLY Captured What's Inside A Black Hole


Black holes are the most enigmatic and fascinating objects in space. These cosmic monsters are shrouded in mystery and have captivated scientists and stargazers for centuries. From their mind-bending gravitational pull to their physics-breaking properties, black holes are a true wonder of the universe. In the latest twist of events, the James Webb Space Telescope finally captured what’s inside a black hole, and it has baffled scientists and space enthusiasts alike. Join us as we venture deep into the abyss to learn more about this latest intriguing revelation made by the iconic telescope. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Oumuamua Suddenly Showed Up Again & Is Sending Signals To Earth!


For a long time, humanity has had the impression that we're not alone in the Universe. There may be forces and civilizations hiding out there in the vast galaxies. So many events have happened over the years to further strengthen this belief. One such event is the appearance of Oumuamua. The strange, mysterious space object showed up mysteriously and then sped off to outer space, but now it's back and seems to be headed for Earth. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

The Most Terrifying Astronomical Events Happening In The Future


There is a great unknown between Earth and the rest of the cosmos, filled with incredible mysteries, enormous cosmic objects, and potentially devastating calamities. Modern astronomy owes a great deal to the work of astrologers, who were among the first to make reliable predictions about planetary orbits. And thanks to these same old principles that are still employed today, we can see devastating astronomical events, such as supernova explosions, years before the effects hit us on Earth. Over the next two centuries, skywatchers will be treated to a slew of these unusual sights that range from curious to terrifying. Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

3 MINUTES AGO: Voyager 1 Just Turned Back And Made A Terrifying Discovery


Get ready for an interstellar shocker that's bound to leave you on the edge of your seat! Imagine launching a spacecraft 45 years ago, only to have it continue exploring regions never meant to be ventured into, long after its expected lifespan. That's the mind-bending reality of a daring NASA mission that's rewriting the rules of space exploration. But here's the kicker: this intrepid spacecraft is not only billions of miles away from its launch pad, but it's also sending data back to Earth using technology that's more outdated than a vintage cassette player. Talk about a shocker! But that's not all. NASA's groundbreaking mission, launched in 1977, has just revealed a spine-tingling discovery that has set the scientific community abuzz and captured the attention of the entire world. What could this horrifying finding from the Last Frontier be, and what does it mean for us all back on Earth? Let's dive into the unknown and unlock the secrets of the cosmos! It was a moment in history when the stars aligned, and two of the most awe-inspiring spacecrafts ever launched into space took flight. It was 1965, the dawn of the space exploration era, and Gary Flandro, a brilliant mind at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, had a monumental task: to plot the optimal path for a space probe to reach the distant giants of our solar system - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Armed with nothing but a pencil, a beloved precision tool of engineers in the 20th century, Flandro made a jaw-dropping discovery. He realized that in the late 1970s and early 1980s, all four gas giants would align in a cosmic dance, forming a celestial necklace with Earth. This once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon meant that a spacecraft passing by each planet could gain a speed boost from their gravitational pull, like being pulled along by an invisible rope. Flandro calculated that a journey from Earth to Neptune, which would have taken 30 years, could now be accomplished in just 12 years, thanks to these gravity assists. There was just one catch - this alignment only happens once every 176 years. voyager,voyager 1,voyager 2,voyager i,voyager ii,interstellar space,nasa,astrum,voyager 1 distance,how fast is the voyager space probe,voyager final images,voyager 1 location,nasa voyager 1 golden record,voyager 1 pictures,where is voyager 1,is voyager 1 still in contact,how far away is voyager 1,voyager 2 interstellar space,voyager mission,voyager spacecraft,nasa voyager,nasa voyager 1,edge of solar system,voyager discovery,voyager images

Voyager 1 Just Accidentally Detected Something Huge Travelling Through Space!


FOR COPYRIGHT ISSUES CONTACT:Mmarmelonic🤍 ➡ Special thanks to all owners of the footage we use throughout our videos! Our work would not be possible without you! Please feel free to contact us if you see any of your footage in this video, and dont want it used in our videos. The Earth may seem massive and awe-inspiring, but it's only a speck in the vastness of the cosmos. Technology has enabled us to explore this great unknown, sending rockets and satellites into space to uncover the mysteries that lie beyond our own planet. Our curiosity is driving us ever onward - each new discovery inspiring us with fresh wonders to uncover. We long to unlock the secrets of the universe and explore its infinite depths. How do we do that? Well, with the voyagers sending us information to process, however, things haven't always been so seamless. For the past couple of months, we had no contact with the Voyager, and after months of silence, it's back with an unexpected discovery.

Voyager 1 Just Detected MONSTER Object In Space. What Is It?


Some of the most incredible technologies ever developed by humanity were designed for space travel. Two of them are the Voyager spacecrafts, which continue to amaze us even after Decades of nonstop discovery. Although both spacecrafts are on their separate missions, Voyager 1 has just detected an object hurtling through space! Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #Space

Voyager 2's New Discovery In Deep Space Left Scientists Speechless!


In this documentary we take a look at the discoveries made with Voyager Spacecrafts that left scientists speechless! We also dive into major discoveries made with James Webb Telescope and its predecessor, the Hubble Telescope. We then explore the furthest reaches of the solar system at Pluto and even look at a Black Hole so big that it defies physics! If you love Space then you will love this 1-hour long documentary. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more long documentaries in the near future! Subscribe Here ➡ 🤍 #Voyager #JWST #Hubble

A Few Minutes Ago: Voyager 1 Made Contact with an Unknown Force in Deep Space!


In the 1970s, the Voyager probes set out on an unparalleled journey into space. For more than 45 years, these very simply built and equipped probes have provided unique data - and they were the first man-made objects to conquer interstellar space. Voyager 1 in particular has surprised NASA since its flight into the far reaches of space. Several million kilometers from Earth, the probe suddenly picked up a strange signal. Before we take a closer look at this and other exciting discoveries of Voyager 1, we would like to ask you to contribute to our channel. We welcome many comments that fit the topic and add real value for all viewers.

Elon Musk Just Announced The Horrifying Truth About Voyager 1 Latest Discovery


45 years ago, a spacecraft was launched with the intention of exploring specific regions of space. Little did anyone anticipate that it would continue venturing into uncharted territories long after its expected lifespan. Now, this audacious NASA mission is defying conventional limits and revolutionizing the realm of space exploration. And here's the mind-blowing part: not only is this intrepid spacecraft billions of miles away from its launch site, but it is also transmitting data back to Earth using technology that is more outdated than a vintage cassette player. It's truly astonishing! However, there's more to the story. Elon Musk has just disclosed something deeply unsettling about NASA's groundbreaking mission, initiated in 1977. What has Musk revealed, and what could this hair-raising discovery from the outermost frontiers of space mean for us here on Earth? Join us in today’s video as Elon Musk unveils Voyager's chilling new revelation in the vastness of space. Elon Musk, is a man with a busy schedule, and despite being a true nerd, he still finds time for his passion: space travel. Being a devoted follower of the Voyager probe, he has a personal connection to its launch during his childhood. As an adult, Musk shares several similarities with the Voyagers, including launching rockets from the same location where they embarked on their iconic journey. It's truly astonishing that these spacecrafts, still operational, continue their endeavors in space, even with Musk surpassing the age of 50. voyager,voyager 1,voyager 2,voyager i,voyager ii,interstellar space,nasa,astrum,voyager 1 distance,how fast is the voyager space probe,voyager final images,voyager 1 location,nasa voyager 1 golden record,voyager 1 pictures,where is voyager 1,is voyager 1 still in contact,how far away is voyager 1,voyager 2 interstellar space,voyager mission,voyager spacecraft,nasa voyager,nasa voyager 1,edge of solar system,voyager discovery,voyager images

THE SIGHTS OF SPACE: A Voyage to Spectacular Alien Worlds


Support my work: 🤍 Soundtrack: 🤍 If you could visit anywhere in the galaxy, where would you go? Meet the Navis III: An imaginary ship that will take you anywhere in the Milky Way. Its maiden voyage will send you on a tour of the wildest planets humanity has yet discovered: worlds that defy belief, from planetary oases to scorching hot gas giants with clouds made of metal. This interstellar journey will give us a glimpse into how deep nature’s imagination goes…. and blaze a path for future pioneers, who might one day plant their flags on landscapes we can hardly imagine. Story, visual effects, music & Sound by melodysheep (John D. Boswell) Narrated by Matt Klinman Soundtrack coming soon to all major music platforms. ADDITIONAL VISUALS BY ESO/Exeter/ Kraus et al./L. Calcada NASA Tim Stupak 3D MODELS : Unknown Dino Raoul Marks Kitbash 3D Quixel Megascans SUPPORTERS Juan Benet Matthew Brown Morrison Waud Zeus Kontoyannis Naomi Augustine SPECIAL THANKS TO Pablo Carlos Budassi Hexeract Franck Marchis Holly Boswell My Patreon Supporters ADDITIONAL WRITING & RESEARCH BY John Morrison Instagram: 🤍melodysheep_ Twitter: 🤍musicalscience Special thanks to my $50+ Supporters: Alexander Koch Stratozfearz Justin Walsh Caleb Braun Joshyori Adrien Moulin Kailen Huse David August Jeremiah Tims Joan Miguel Klagges David Balland Michael Denny Gayathri Baskaran Casey Stratton Logan Caleb Levesque Jose Contreras Greysen Paige Derick Yan Brandon Sanders Oliver Wieting And an extra thank you to my $10+ supporters too numerous to list in the description 🤍 The scenes in this film are speculative depictions based on current scientific understanding. Extensive creative license has been used. Research sources coming soon.

Voyager 1 Just Detected A Massive Object Traveling Through Space


In the vast expanse of space, humanity's curiosity has led to some of the most incredible feats of engineering, such as the two Voyager spacecraft. Even though these technological marvels have been roaming the cosmos for decades, they're still revealing jaw-dropping discoveries. Recently, Voyager 1 stumbled upon a colossal object hurtling through space, and its discovery has left the scientific community buzzing with excitement. So, what is this object, and how does it impact us? Join us on this exhilarating journey to unravel the mysteries of the object that Voyager just found. 45 years ago, NASA embarked on an interstellar journey of epic proportions as Voyager 2 was launched from Cape Canaveral. The probe completed a spectacular grand tour of the solar system, visiting the Jupiter and Saturn systems, before going on to explore Uranus and Neptune and their moons. Now, Voyager 2 is an incredible 12.1 billion miles away, sending back groundbreaking data on the far-flung heliopause. But with the distance growing every day, scientists are left to wonder how much longer the iconic spacecraft will continue to operate. voyager,voyager 1,voyager 2,voyager i,voyager ii,interstellar space,nasa,astrum,voyager 1 distance,how fast is the voyager space probe,voyager final images,voyager 1 location,nasa voyager 1 golden record,voyager 1 pictures,where is voyager 1,is voyager 1 still in contact,how far away is voyager 1,voyager 2 interstellar space,voyager mission,voyager spacecraft,nasa voyager,nasa voyager 1,edge of solar system,voyager discovery,voyager images

Voyager 1 Makes Mind-Blowing Discovery in Deep Space!


Science news - Voyager 1 Makes Mind-Blowing Discovery in Deep Space! We will also go over voyager, science news, NASA, voyager 1, voyager 1 makes mind-blowing discovery in deep space, voyager 2, space, voyager discovery, voyager 1 pictures, nasa voyager 1, nasa voyager, voyager spacecraft, universe, voyager final images, voyager space, voyager images, space news, voyager mission, solar system, science, scientists, voyager 1 spacecraft, space discovery, voyager discoveries, scientists announced, science news, voyager 2 sent back images, universe news, galaxy, space documentary If You Enjoyed Watching This Video Then Please Make Sure You Check Out Some Of Our Other Videos And Also Smash That SUBSCRIBE Button. Ingenuity Helicopter Makes Amazing Discovery on Mars!: 🤍 Mysterious Radio Signals Detected Coming Directly from Proxima Centauri | James Webb Space Telescope: 🤍 FEW MINUTES AGO: Voyager Sending Back TERRIFYING Data To Earth!: 🤍 BREAKING NEWS: James Webb Space Telescope Just Captured A Huge Portion Of The Sun Breaking Off: 🤍 ⚠️⚠️⚠️Disclaimer: Please note that all the clips used in our videos have been transformed according to Youtube's fair use guidelines. The intention of my videos is to educate and entertain our audience and may reference from time to time clips from other creators, but if you feel there are any copyright issues in my videos, please contact me at presleevas48🤍 #spaceverse #voyager #voyager1 #voyager2 #space #nasa #spacenews #universe #nasadiscovery #discovery #newdiscovery #solarsystem

What Did Voyager 1 See During its Journey Out Of The Solar System? 1977-2019 (4k UHD)


Part 1 - The Voyager one space probe is the furthest man-made object from Earth, at 13.5 billion miles away. But what did the spacecraft see during its 42-year journey out of the solar system? Patreon *Star* list - Silverfleur LunaGirl (aka Claire) Want to help support my channel and also get added benefits? Then why not become a Patron today? 🤍 Or maybe purchase some of our awesome merchandise! T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, Phone cases, it's all available now on YouTube! Also, check out our Amazon store! Just click on the link below to find loads of awesome items - 🤍 (US Version) 🤍 (UK Version) REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MUCH MORE TO COME Subscribe - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Music attribution - Ambient-wave-13 - Erokia Sound Design All content is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 DISCLAIMER: This video description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!



LIVE HISTÓRRICA DE LANÇAMNETO DO SLS PARA A LUA NA MISSÃO ARTEMIS I: 🤍 BAIXE AGORA DE GRAÇA O E-BOOK SOBRE A MISSÃO ARTEMIS I: 🤍 VÁ NO SITE E FAÇA A SUA RESERVA PARA CONHECER A NASA JUNTO COM O SPACE TODAY: 🤍 INSCREVA-SE AGORA NO CIÊNCIA SEM FIM: 🤍 LINK PARA COMPRAR O LIVRO O MUNDO ASSOMBRADO PELOS DEMÔNIOS!!! 🤍 Quase 45 anos após o seu lançamento, a Voyager 1 é o objeto feito pelo homem mais distante do nosso planeta natal. Localizada a 156 UA, ou 23,3 bilhões de km, (no momento da redação deste artigo) na direção da constelação de Ophiuchus, a Voyager 1, juntamente com sua gêmea Voyager 2, está em uma missão para explorar os limites da heliosfera e da interestelar. médio. As comunicações com a sonda espacial ainda estão em andamento usando grandes antenas da Deep Space Network, e comandos/dados são enviados entre a Terra e a Voyager 1, na maioria das vezes a uma taxa de 160 bits por segundo. O Allen Telescope Array é um interferômetro hospedado no Hat Creek Radio Observatory, a cerca de 5 horas de carro ao norte de São Francisco. O telescópio é composto por 42 telescópios de 6,1 m de diâmetro totalmente direcionáveis, dos quais ~ 20 são equipados com alimentações refrigeradas criogenicamente de banda larga. As alimentações detectam ondas eletromagnéticas dentro da faixa de frequência de 1 a 12 GHz. Um programa de reforma está em andamento desde o início de 2019 com o objetivo de atualizar os feeds junto com o hardware e software de processamento de sinal digital. Como parte da reforma em andamento, um novo correlacionador digital e formador de feixe baseado em CPUs e GPUs comuns está sendo desenvolvido e instalado. Em 9 de julho de 2022, as 20 antenas disponíveis do Allen Telescope Array foram usadas para observar a sonda espacial Voyager 1. A frequência de downlink coerente da Voyager 1, na banda X, é ~8420,43 MHz, com uma largura espectral de 1 Hz. O ATA foi sintonizado em uma frequência central de 8400 MHz (a largura de banda do beamformer, para cada sintonia, é relativamente grande, 672 MHz). A detecção da Voyager 1, o objeto mais distante feito pelo homem, com o recondicionado Allen Telescope Array é uma excelente demonstração das capacidades e pontos fortes do telescópio, e uma representação do excelente trabalho árduo feito pela equipe da ATA desde o início do programa de reforma em 2019. FONTE: 🤍 #VOYAGER1 #ALLENTELESCOPE #NASA



🚀Aprenda Astronomia no maior Curso de Astronomia do Brasil: 🤍 COMPRE O BONÉ TRUCKER NA SPACE TODAY STORE E GANHE UMA CANECA DE PRESENTE: 🤍 CONFIRA O CURSO DE ASTRONOMIA DO SPACE TODAY, MAIS DE 60 HORAS DE CONTEÚDO FALANDO SOBRE TUDO DA ASTRONOMIA, MATRICULE-SE JÁ: 🤍 SEJA MEMBRO DO SPACE TODAY E AJUDE COM A CRIAÇÃO DE CONTEÚDO SÉRIA NA ÁREA DE ASTRONOMIA: 🤍 🤍 🤍 No dia 5 de Novembro de 2018, a sonda Voyager cruzou a heliopausa e entrou no meio interestelar, a revista Nature Astronomy publicou uma série de 5 artigos, hoje, 1 anos depois, com os detalhes das mais diversas medidas feitas pela Voyager 2 ao cruzar esse limite importante do Sistema Solar, espero que gostem. Fonte: 🤍 #Voyager2 #MeioInterestelar #SpaceToday

NASA Reestablishes Contact With Voyager 2! Where Is It Headed Now?


NASA Reestablishes Contact With Voyager 2! Where Is It Headed Now? ► Subscribe: 🤍 Mankind has been looking up at the stars for centuries, wondering what lies out there in deep space, and if there are other civilizations like ours that exist. We started using telescopes, but when that wasn’t enough, advanced technology led to the creation of space probes so we could get a better look at our solar system and beyond. The Voyagers are two of the most iconic spacecraft mankind has ever invented and launched into space, and they’re still out there hurtling through the cosmos. And after 7 months of silence the amazing Voyager 2 once again called back home top Earth. Now get ready to find out more about these amazing spacecraft, the incredible things they found, where they are now, how far they have traveled away from us, and what is in their future. We are on social media: 🤍 🤍 The Destiny voice: 🤍 Sources: 🤍

Voyager Spacecraft को क्या मिला सौरमंडल के बाहर ? | What Voyager discovered in Interstellar Space ?


Buy Our Official Merchandise: 🤍 Voyager Spacecraft को क्या मिला सौरमंडल के बाहर ? | What Voyager discovered in Interstellar Space ? Subscribe to our new channel: 🤍 fb page: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 25 August 2012.. ye wo din tha jab Insaan ke banaae kisi object ne pehli baar Heliosphere ko cross karke Intersteller medium me pravesh kiya tha. Ye wo din tha, jab NASA ka Voyager 1 Spacecraft Solar System ki outer boundaries par sthit Oort Cloud me enter ho gaya tha. Voyager 1 spacecraft ko 5 Spetember 1977 ko launch kiya gaya tha aur aaj wo Prithvi se kareeb 2230 crore kilometres ki doori par hai. Voyager 1 ke launch se sirf 16 dino pehle 20 August 1977 ko isi Voyager Program ke antargat Voyager 2 ko bhi launch kiya gaya tha. Ye spacecraft bhi 5 November 2018 ko intersteller medium me enter ho chuka hai. Aapko jaankar hairaani hogi ki in dono hi spacecrafts ka maksad Jupiter aur Saturn ya phir jyada se jyada Uranus aur Neptune ko study karna aur unki photos bhejna tha lekin aaj 43 saal baad bhi ye active hain aur intersteller medium se hame signals ke through information bhej rahe hain. jara sochiye, ye dono spacecrafts prithvi se croro kilometres door.. lagataar aage badhte hi ja rahe hain.. aisa lagta hai maano ye hamaari duniya ki koi cheez doosri duniya me pahunch gayi ho. Just imagine unhone intersteller space me kya-kya dekha hoga? kitni hi aisi cheeze observe ki hongi, jinke baare me hum aaj tak nahi jaante the aur kya unki mulakaat kisi alien se bhi hui thi, ya phir aane waale future me hone waali hai? agar jaanna chaahte ho, to is video ko bilkul last tak dekhna. Written, Edited and Voice by: [Shubham Jain, Johnny & Kaushik] 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 More Videos: रहस्यमई Blackholes जिन्हें कोई देख नही सकता तो फिर हमने कैसे देखा ? How Blackholes were Discovered ? :🤍 Jupiter के अंदर डूब कर आपका दिमाग चकरा जाएगा What Would You See If You Fell Into Jupiter? :🤍 प्लूटो के साथ क्या हुआ क्या प्लूटो अब नही रहा ? Why is Pluto not a Planet ? :🤍 आपके Smartphones को खराब कर रहा है ये Alien Particles | Alien Particles causing crash our computers :🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook :🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

NASA's Voyager 1 Journey Through Space


#shorts Voyager 1 has traveled further than any human invention has gone before. Currently, 23.8 billion km from Earth, watch this video to see Voyager 1's incredible journey through space. SUBSCRIBE for more videos about our other planets. Subscribe! 🤍 Facebook! 🤍 Twitter! 🤍 Instagram! 🤍 TikTok! 🤍 Astrum Spanish: 🤍 Astrum Portuguese: 🤍 Donate! Patreon: 🤍 Ethereum Wallet: 0x5F8cf793962ae8Df4Cba017E7A6159a104744038 Become a Patron today and support my channel! Donate link above. I can't do it without you. Thanks to those who have supported so far! #voyager1 #spacejourney #astrum

Nasa Chief: "Voyager 1 Just Made Contact With Unknown Force In Space!"


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