Ultravoice, Azax Syndrom Mechanical Mayhem lyrics

Avatars of powers from four worlds
Bathed me in jewels of belief
I drink the nectar of Goddess - my eternal mistress
I am Shiva, Hadit or Beast himself
And multitude of forms surpasses myself
I kneel before Isis, I - her god and slave
Coiled serpent lifts up his head and looks in my eyes
Third power and third eye create The One

I am who I am not
I negate and confirm
I transgress - it is real!

Wheels of change turn with my breath
I touch the red - hot firmament (of golden darkenings of
And stars are falling down onto every side of world
With my tongue I penetrate scarlet abysses of Kteis
Overflowing my body with thrill and heart with warmth
Suddenly I'm shooting forth venom
'Cause I, I became a snake who rounds her flesh

(Thanks to Ciro for this lyric)

Track list of this album:
# Track title Download Length
1 play Keep It Real 2011 [mp3] 6:59
2 play Up & Away [mp3] 7:44
3 play Mechanical Mayhem [mp3] 7:41

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